"I love walking people through publishing and helping share their stories with the wider world."

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt

As a book designer, graphic artist, and editor since 2003, I’m excited to share with you everything I’ve learned about the publishing process from the idea, the design and layout, all the way through to the marketing of your book. Being an author myself, I understand the joys and frustrations of such a project and will walk through it all with you, finding the great resources you need and helping you avoid the pitfalls as we create a well-written and professional-looking book you will be proud of.

In addition to my freelance work as a designer and writer, I am also a co-owner of Lucky Bat Books with three other amazing women. It is a joy to walk through the process with our authors and create their finished books.

I’m an author who loves working with other authors

Along with designing books and coaching authors, I’ve written five of my own books and served on the editorial board for an international anthology about which I’ve written and spoken around the world. As a spiritual formation presenter and writer, along with writing for both online and print publications, I enjoy working with diverse groups of people while speaking to the deeper connections flowing between us.

One of my personal goals is to visit all six continents (I’m okay not going to Antarctica). I’m half-way there! When I’m not speaking, writing content or designing books, I love walking in the forests to hear what the trees are saying and to feel cold creeks flowing around my feet. Often bringing my camera along, I sometimes use the pictures as inspiration for my drawings and paintings.

I love meeting new people and learning new things so if you have any questions or need help bringing your book to life, contact me and share your story.

How did you learn book design?

A graphic artist helped me lay out the first two books I wrote and I loved working on them so much with her that I learned InDesign to lay out books three and four myself. I quickly gained a reputation as a good designer and people hired me as a freelancer to lay out the books they had written.

In the years following, I learned how to design with photos, lay out different genres, and to have fun matching the interior to the cover while delivering to an author a professional, clean book that reflects the effort they put into writing it.

Are you available to speak about book publishing?

Yes, I love speaking to others about writing and book publishing! I’ve shared how to transform your writing into a finished book many times around the country. I’ve spoken already on the topics below and am happy to tailor a presentation to your specific needs as well as conducting a Q & A.

  • Self-Publishing
  • The Power of Story Through Writing
  • Poetry
  • Writing as the Authentic Self

Where are you located?

I live in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Salem, Oregon. With the Coastal Range between us and the ocean and the Cascade Mountains on the other side, what lies between is a rich valley full of farm fields along with most of Oregon’s largest towns and cities.

While much of my work is done over the phone, on video calls, and emails, if you happen to live close enough, I would be happy to meet you in person as well.


What's your story?

As a book designer, graphic artist, and editor, I’m excited to share with you everything I’ve learned about the publishing process from the idea, the design and layout, all the way through to the marketing of your book. If you want to see your story as a finished book ready to share or simply have some questions about the process, let me know!