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A great book cover is essential to your success as an author. A professionally designed cover will not only grab your reader’s attention but also sets the tone for the text inside. To get a reader to pick up the book and turn the pages, an attractive cover is vital.

My specialty are simple covers where you already have a background you want to use or have an idea for something in mind. We can then create a cover incorporating it, using the colors and placing the text. If you need help writing the book description or author biography, I am happy to help you with that as well.

If you want art created for your cover, I know several excellent artists I can recommend.

For your cover design, I’ll need all the information you want on the cover such as the title, subtitle, author, publishing company along with the logo (if any), the book description for the back cover, in addition to any quotes, recommendations, and author picture and biography. As you can see in the covers below, not all of these pieces are used on every cover. If you want an ebook only, then title and author will suffice. We will also talk about what you want on the background such as a photograph, art, or graphic.

I am a self-publisher just like you! I learned how to layout a book and design covers through working on my own five books as well as designing for other authors. It is truly my favorite work to do. When publishing this way, you are own publisher, keeping all the rights and royalties, and you hire me for the services you need to create your book such as cover design and page layout. I can even upload your files and work with your printer.

Once we’ve talked and you’ve sent me all the material, the signed contract, as well as a deposit to start the project, I will create three different design possibilities and send them to you for feedback. Based on your response, I’ll create one new one with two rounds of changes before sending you the finalized files. As an author myself, I know how important the cover is to you and I make sure you are thrilled with the results!

Whenever I design an interior, I design it to match the cover so it is all one cohesive look.

Once your cover is complete, you’ll receive the cover files as a PDF file so you can upload them to online distributors as well as any printers you use. I’m also a firm believer the author should have all the design files for archival purposes and for any changes down the road so I package and deliver everything you’ll need. I will also keep all the files in my own archives so your design is never lost.

Whenever I design an interior, I design it to match the cover so it all forms one cohesive look. There are multiple ways to do this with fonts, graphics, and styles.

Creative Design

Every book is unique and the cover should be as well. For each book cover I design, I start from scratch, creating graphics, setting the type, and creatively presenting all the information to grab your readers' attention.

Fast Turnaround

As an author myself, I know how tight publishing deadlines can be, especially when it comes to self-publishing. One of my specialties is working quickly to get your cover to you so you can start promoting the book's release.

Personal Attention

I am always here to work directly with you on your book and to answer any questions you have about the self-publishing process. Reachable by phone, email, video conference, or in person, I am always available to talk.

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The Cover Design Process

Step 1

We’ll talk about your ideas for the book cover and sign an agreement to start work.

Step 2

I’ll create three different designs for you to look at and give me feedback on.

Step 3

Based on your feedback, I’ll create one new design with two rounds of changes.

Step 4

You approve the final design and I upload your finished book.

Cover backgrounds can come from multiple sources...

Artistic Photos

If you already have a high quality photograph you or a friend have taken that goes with your book, we can use it for the cover as well as drawing colors from it for the title and background. As Gathered in Love and Light features both the author’s photographs and poetry, using one of her favorite photos for the cover sets the mood from the moment you see the cover.

Strong Graphics

A strong graphic can make a powerful impression on a book cover. For Finding Love’s Way, the graphic of the labyrinth was carried throughout the book as well as the cover in the Contents, section pages, and behind the page numbers. Pieces of the graphic were also incorporated into the back cover for one cohesive design.

Personal Photos

For memoirs in particular, a high quality, personal photo can beautifully illustrate the content of your book and immediately take your reader to the setting of the story and introduce the characters.

For this cover, the author also had an artist paint his author photo.

Royalty Free Images

There are numerous resources for high quality photography we can use to illustrate your story. Whether we use a photograph I take myself or one we download, the result is a beautiful cover your readers will want to pick up and peruse. 

Artistic Backgrounds

For fiction books such as science fiction and fantasy, an image created by an artist to illustrate your specific story can make a powerful impact drawing the reader into the story before they even open the book.

Whether you already have an artist in mind or need help finding a talented creator, I’m happy to create a cover around the image illustrating your story.

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If you have any questions about designing a cover for your book, I would love to hear from you.

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