Creative & Fun Children's Book Design

A well-designed children’s book that is both creative and fun adds to the playful nature of the story itself. As a professional book designer, I love taking your story into which you have poured your time and energy and returning to you a beautiful book you can be proud of, one that reflects your talent and the joy it will bring to those who read it.

Children's book interiors to fit your story

Children’s books have vastly different styles of design to fit with their stories and the text can be everything from plain to playful. When it comes to the story you’ve created, the design of your book should match the themes and reflect the imaginative adventure you’re inviting the child to take.


What I love about children’s books are the fun stories with deeper meanings that stay with the child as they age. In creating your book, we can take great creative license in how the text is laid out, the design of illustrations, and what the finished product looks like.


As a professional book designer, I love taking the story into which you have poured your time and energy and returning back to you a beautiful book you can be proud of, one that reflects the story you have to tell and the joy of the illustrations.


Included in the interior book design is:

  • Front and back matter
  • Copyright information
  • Creative text layout
  • Illustrations
  • Author biography
Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have a different question, want more details, or would like to talk about your book project, I would love to talk with you.

There are numerous options in how to incorporate your illustrations with the text and I will carefully lay out each image so both pictures and text look their best.

Everyone needs a second pair of eyes on a book as it goes through production so I will let you know if I see any issues or problems as they arise.

I am always here to help you in whatever way I can whether that is figuring out technology or deciding what materials to include.

Children's boks are very playful and creative. I'll add those elements that make your book stand out and be enjoyable to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

To design your book, I’ll need the entire manuscript from beginning to end including all the front and back material such as the introduction and acknowledgements, and any illustrations you want to include. In addition, I need information including the title, subtitle, author, publishing company, copyright information. Lastly, I need the book cover to incorporate into the design.

I am a self-publisher just like you! I learned how to layout a book, code ebooks, and design covers through working on my own five books as well as designing for other authors. It is truly my favorite work to do. When publishing this way, you are own publisher, keeping all the rights and royalties, and you hire me for the services you need to create your book such as cover design, ebook coding, and page layout. I can even upload your files and work with your printer.

Once we’ve talked and you’ve sent me all the material, the signed contract, and the deposit to start the project, I will create three possible designs for you to look at and give feedback on. I’ll then create one design based on your choices and once we agree to the look, I will then lay out the entire book in Adobe InDesign and send the a PDF file for you to go through with a fine tooth comb for any last editorial changes. After two rounds of changes, I will send you the final packaged files. As my guarantee, I always make sure you are thrilled with the results!

Whenever I design an interior or code an ebook, I design it to match the cover so it is all one cohesive look.

Once your book is complete, you’ll receive all the PDF files so you can upload them to online distributors. I’m also a firm believer the author should have all the design files for archival purposes and for any changes down the road so I package and deliver everything you’ll need. I will also keep all the files in my own archives so your design is never lost.

I do! I love working on book covers! For more information, please see my cover design page.

In addition to designing print books, I would be happy to code a matching ebook for you as well. Each format has its own design requirements and formatting needs. If I know you would like both formats, I will first design the print book then the ebook so they can be uploaded at the same time. 

Yes, I can certainly upload the book for you on whatever websites you would like. All you will need to do is open the account and send me the login and password. That way you are the only one handling your bank information. Thus, when Amazon sells your book, they will send it to the buyer and deposit the money in your account. I also have a lot of experience working with printers and am happy to oversee your book through their proofing process.

Having a book professionally designed makes a world of difference in how seriously people will take you as an author and how much attention they will give to your book. Though most people can’t name them, professionally designed books have certain qualities that, unfortunately, many self-published authors don’t know about much less know how to design. From graphic details incorporating your cover, to spacing, font choices, and layout, I know how to make your book look fantastic and easy for people to read.

Yes, I can repair photos by removing a tear, taking out “white noise” and filling in missing information. If you would like this to be a part of your project, please send me your photo and we can talk about what I can do to help it look its best.

The amount of time to design a book depends on the details of the manuscript. A layout with a lot of headings, subheadings, section breaks, and images will take longer to lay out than a simple fiction book with a chapter number and text. For a quote on your specific manuscript, please see the investment section below or contact me and I will be happy to provide you with a quote.

I would love to talk with you about your book project. Please contact me via the contact form, phone, or email and we can start the conversation.

The Design Process

Step 1

We’ll talk about your ideas for the book design and sign an agreement to start work.

Step 2

I’ll create three different designs for you to look at and give me feedback on.

Step 3

Based on your choices, I’ll create one new design with two rounds of changes.

Step 4

You approve the final design and I upload your finished book.


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The amount of time it takes to design and lay out a children’s book, and thus the cost, depends on the details of the manuscript, the number of illustrations, and how many special design elements need to be laid out.




A layout with a lot of section breaks, spacing, and images will take longer to create than a simple book with pictures and text.




I understand as an author myself, though, that gaining an idea of cost is important so listed below are the costs for three different book designs I have recently completed and what was included. For a quote on your specific manuscript, please contact me and I will be happy to provide you with a quote.




Need additional help?

Cover Design

A great book cover is essential to your success as an author. A professionally designed cover will not only grab your reader’s attention but also sets the tone for the text inside. To get a child to pick up the book and turn the pages, a fun and creative cover is vital.

Author Consultation

When self-publishing a book, you want someone with you who has been there saving you time and energy. As an experienced publisher, we’ll talk about the road ahead to get your book published and what changes you can make for your project to be successful.

Marketing Materials

With marketing tools in hand, you can be confident you and your childrens' book will look your very best. Whether you need multiple tools to tie in together or just a business card or fun bookmark to hand out, I’ll help you have something to hand out you’ll be proud of.

Tell me about your project...